Dress Code Policy

The intent of the Galileo Dress Code policy at Galileo School for Gifted Learning is to promote a safe and supportive learning environment and improve school safety and discipline. All students in grades K-8 must follow the uniform guidelines.

The Galileo School uniform consists of a solid color collared shirt with the Galileo School logo from Land’s End (see the link below). Color choices are specified on Land’s End website and include several shades of green and blue.

Pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts must be khaki/tan-colored. The length of the shorts, skirts, or skorts should be mid-thigh or longer. Dresses/Jumpers: Girls must wear shorts, leggings, or bloomers under Galileo school logo dresses and jumpers.

Shoes: Students must wear closed shoes at all times. Crocks, backless shoes, sandals, wheelies, open toed shoes and flip flops may not be worn.

Spirit Fridays: Students may wear their Galileo PTA shirts to school on Fridays with their khaki shorts, pants, skirts, or skorts. On all other days, students must wear their polo shirts or collared shirts with the Galileo School logo. No low hanging clothes allowed.

Additional Dress Code guidelines: At no time, are students to wear anything offensive, immodest, or deemed inappropriate by the faculty. Students out of uniform will be given a written warning for the first offense. If the problem persists, parents will be called and required to bring the correct uniform.

Students who need accommodations based on medical conditions, religious beliefs, or a disability should meet with the school principal or his/her designee.

Shop Uniforms

At Galileo we use Lands’ End for our uniforms. Click on the image below and then click “Look up Your School” on the left navigation bar. Either search by school information or enter Preferred School Number: 900148123.