Volunteer Opportunities

We LOVE our Volunteers! The Galileo School thrives because of the wonderful support we have from our volunteers. We need more of you.


Our philosophy dictates that it is important for students to observe their parents volunteering and as part of their educational process. However, we do recognize that sometimes conditions exist that might require an additional source other than the parent to help with the acquisition of the mandatory volunteer hours. In an effort to be supportive, Galileo will allow parents to enlist other members of their own families to help provide their volunteer service. Family members may include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and similar. Families may not “gift” another family with excess hours over their volunteer hour minimum, nor may a parent provide volunteer service on behalf of another family.

Parents must volunteer at least 20 hours per child or a minimum of 30 hours per family who have multiple children. The deadline for completing all volunteer requirements is June 01 of the respective year. Families that do not comply with this policy are subject to sanctions up to and including disenrollment for the following academic year.

Parents and community members are encouraged to help out at the school. Everyone who wants to volunteer must register via the SCPS Dividends registration site at: https://dvd.scps.k12.fl.us/

Throughout the year, we will let families know when special volunteer opportunities arise through out weekly newsletter.  You can also reach out to these faculty/staff members for volunteer opportunities:

Stacie.hays@galileogiftedschool.org (media)





galileoptavp1@gmail.com (PTA)



Dividends Registration

  • This is for new volunteers and returning volunteers that need to be re-registered each school year.

Recording Your Hours When Not At The School

  • To log your hours from home, please refer to the individual link emailed to you with your Dividends sign-up confirmation.  If you previously logged in hours from home, you can also use this link: Raptor Return User.  Once logged in, click on Add Hours and follow the prompts or check out our step by step guide.